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All About the Centramatic GL1800 Wheel Balancers

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August 26, 2009 - 12:04 PM
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Centramatic Balancing Rings keep your GL1800 motorcycle or Trike Tires perfectly balanced all the time as your tire wear normaly over time!!

You NEVER need to re-balance again. Most people don't realize that, even if tires are perfectly balanced when new, tires wear normally over the life of the tire. Tread depth and roundness change and put the tire out of balance.

Traditionaly the only way to keep motorcycle tires perfectly balanced over time has been to use lead wheel weights and constantly re-balance them every few thousand miles.

Centramatic solves that issue and eliminates the need to keep re-balancing tires as they wear! This provides a smoother ride and perfect balance no matter how many miles you ride, meaning extended tire life, reduced or eliminated cupping, and reduced tire heat.
What Are Centramatic Tire Balancers? How Do They Work?

Centramatic balancers are thin balancer plates that easily bolt between your GL1800 Gold Wing brake rotor and wheel. By using centrifugal force, the free moving weights (durametal and synthetic fluid) sealed in the balancer disc automatically distribute to exactly where needed, placing the assembly in equilibrium or perfect balance. When a sprung assembly is out of balance, deflection is caused via the springs or tire sidewalls.

These free moving weights sense this deflection and move opposite the heavy points to balance the entire assembly, wheels, tires, hubs and even dirt stuck to wheels. Result is a smoother ride on your GL1800 motorcycle or GL1800 trike that was not possible with conventional balancing weights

Do Centramatic Balancing Rings Reduce Tire Cupping?

Depending on the severity, tires that are severely cupped will receive marginal results and tires that are slightly cupped will true out. The balancers cannot grow rubber back where it is gone nor will it make the deeper tread wear faster. One or the other would have to occur to be able to correct sever tire cupping.

At What Speed Do Centramatics start working?

Designed for the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle, Centramatic motorcycle wheel balancers start working at 20-22 mph depending on wheel diameter. This occurs long before vibration due to imbalance, which is at speeds in excess of 35 mph.

How Long Will Centramatic Balancing Plates Last?

Centramatic truck and rv wheel balancers are on record exceeding 1,439,716 miles on them and still in good working condition. That's why they have a Five-Year Unlimited Mile Warranty and ofer unequaled service. Being a leader in truck balancing technology, your GL1800 Gold Wing will never reach the mileage levels reached by most of these applications that still keep working year after year, even in the worst weather conditions.

Should GL1800 Trike or Motorcycle Wheels Be Pre-Balanced?

In most cases, pre-balancing on your GL1800 motorcycle wheel or trike wheel is not required. However, if a vibration still exists after installation, a computer balance of the problem position can indicate a mis-mounted or defective tire, a bent wheel or other "out of round" condition, which balancing alone cannot correct. Wheel bearings should also be checked and defective parts replaced.

What about mismounted tires or improperly seated beads?

This problem can be found by inspecting the area where the wheel and tire meet. A guide rib or circumference ring is molded into the sidewall of the tire. Measure and distance from the wheel to the guide rib (approx. 1/4 inch depending on tire brand) at the top, bottom and both sides. A variance in this distance indicates a mis-mounted tire, which will roll out of round and leads to erratic tire wear and vibration, regardless of how well it is balanced. Re-seating the bead properly corrects the problem.
Easy Installation

Simply remove the wheel, use the bolt holes as guides and reinstall the wheel. Steer axles balancers mount between the hub and the wheel, while balancers for the duals mount between the dual wheels. Very easy and even easier on GL1800 Gold Wing trikes.
What's Inside Those Thin Bolt-On Balancing Rings

Centramatic's balancing media consists of two parts. First, Durametal - a hardened lead alloy similar to lead shot but 10 times harder. The primary balancing media because a solid cannot change shape or form under centrifugal force. It remains exactly where needed under high speed.

Second, Dampening Fluid - proprietary synthetic oil designed to operate in the most extreme environments. The rings are about 1/3 full of this fluid. Its function is to lubricate, dampen vibration and help balance.

A liquid alone would merely flatten out under centrifugal force at high speed and be forced back around the ring to an undesirable position. That's why they use the benefits of both a solid and liquid.

The Centramatic Advantage

These truly balance your Gold Wing wheels beyond anything old fashion lead motorcycle wheel weights can offer. What people need to realize is that as your tire wears over time, the lead balancing weights are NO LONGER perfectly balanced due to the change in tire wear and shape.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're NOT using Centramatic balancing plates and want to keep your tires CONSTANTLY balanced, you should be re-balancing your tire every few thousand miles as the tire changes from normal wear. Of course few of us ever do that, however your tire is NO LONGER as it was when it was originally balanced as new.

WingStuff is proud to be a worldwide distributor for these exciting Centramatic GL1800 Wheel Balancers. Installing Centramatic balancing rings keeps wheels perfectly balanced for the life of your tire!

Way to go Centramatic!!