Keep Cool & Stay Warm!
With Centramatic's APU/HVAC System!
Centramatic's APU's, air conditioning and heating systems are specifically designed for use in the trucking industry.
Use of such systems for cab comfort and convenience comply with anti-idling laws and use roughly 75% less fuel as compared
to idling the truck's primary engine. Increasing air quality legislation and local enforcement, coupled with soaring fuel costs
have greatly increased APU demand.

Engine Detail
Designed with 4 cycle, 2 cylinder water cooled Kubota Diesel. Lube oil capacity of 4 qt., average diesel consumption is 0.30 gal/hr (1.14 L/hr)

Recommended normal oil change interval of 500 hours. Glow plugs automatically cycle. Starting system is 12 Volt. The oil filter is remote mounted. The air cleaner a washable extended life K & N filter. In addition, for added cooling capacity, the radiator is over-sized and mounted outside. This unit operates independently of the truck freon or water systems.

GENERATOR: Belt driven 6000 watt brushless generator; rated for continuous duty.

USER FRIENDLY: Product comes with required installation hardware to complete most installations. Can be used for cab or frame access. A lockable access door provides security and easy access for checking oil levels, fuel filter, drive belt tension, and starting the unit from outside.

AUTO START: Can be set to automatically start to charge batteries on demand.

FAN: Multi-speed high capacity 450 cfm fan to reduce air stratification in sleeper.

AIR CONDITIONING: Fully electric space saving
SPLIT UNIT SYSTEM Runs off the APU or from shore power. More than 14,000 BTU's cooling, produced by a high capacity 110 volt electric compressor.

HEATING: Fully electrical. Runs off of the APU or from shore power. Heat provided by 2,500 watt heat strips.

DIGITAL THERMOSTAT: Independently mounts where convenient.

AUTOMATIC SHUT DOWN: Microprocessor controlled high temperature and low oil pressure automatic shut downs are built in for system protection.

CHARGER DETAIL: Connected to the truck battery. Power available for battery charging and electrical accessories. 60 amp; 12 volt solid state charger.

RAIL SPACE: Requires approximately 30" of free rail space.

BLOCK HEATER: Keeps the main engine warm and is conveniently controlled from the sleeper.

POLISHED DIAMOND PLATE COVER: Easily mounts on the frame rail and with the optional 7" step can replace the cab access or frame steps.

MASTER CONTROL: Mounted in sleeper. All functions controlled via integral breaker switches for added convenience.

SHORE POWER: Allows full function of cab conveniences even in California.